The University of Southampton Maritime MOOC has launched!

Last week the new MOOC from Southampton University launched. It features a great deal of information about Shipwrecks, Diving, Maritime Archaeology must see sites and also allows anyone with an interest to become interactively involved with many specialists from this discipline. I have a vested interest in this course as it covers a recent project that ArtasMedia was involved with reconstructing the Sea Venture. Due to this over the next few days the breakdowns of that project will be posted to allow for anyone with an interest in the project and the CGI that was put forward for the documentary created by Look Bermuda, ‘Downing’s Wreck: The Story of the Sea Venture’ to find out more about the reconstruction work done by myself and Professor Jon Adams.  

That aside it is a fabulous course, so go and sign up if you can and learn about a whole new world of underwater sites and archaeology.

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