Roundup: ArtasMedia at The Old English Flash-mob

Earlier this week (On Monday to be exact), it was announced that between 10am-3pm some of the most recent ArtasMedia work on the Staffordshire Hoard would be presented at the Old English Flash-mob. So, unsure of what to expect, our content was set up on a laptop and a few choice posters showing both the evolution (And work in progress shots) of the Staffordshire Hoard helmet and the finished animation of the Witham Bowl. Throughout the day students and academics were encouraged to look at the stall and experience a (first for most) shot of mead, explore the language by choosing a particular word from the Anglo Saxon dictionary to write on our word board (Shown below) and try on our replica Sutton Hoo Helmet. For many it was a taster of Anglo Saxon history/culture and it has to be said that the event was very well received with lots of people were interested in the sounds of the dialect (especially the language students), the specific words that existed, our 3D reconstructions and dressing up for a selfie! All in all it was an eventful day, with some great photographs taken and not only is reading through an Anglo Saxon dictionary a lot more interesting than you might presume, but some of their words are pure genius. Offrungspic anyone?

Flash-mob Photo Gallery

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