Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery (Brighton Museum): Black Rock

Client – Brighton Museum Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery

Specialist Consultants – Dr Matthew Pope

CGI – Grant Cox (ArtasMedia)

Programs used – 3DS Max/Vray/Photoshop

A Mammoth family and Rhino walk in the foreground, whilst a herd of Bison graze lazily behind them, next to which Prezwalski horses gather….

This shot of Black Rock was created for the new Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery in Brighton Museum. It shows a cold stage Ice Age scene of Black Rock, highlighting the iconic chalk cliff line that is famously associated with the location.

Created in 3DS Max and rendered with Vray, it was output at an ultra high resolution for a single large print.

The shot used a variety of Ice Age models, many of which can be found in another portfolio piece on our site here. For more information on the shot itself and the background, please visit Brighton Museum, or go to their website.