Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery (Brighton Museum): Hove Barrow


Client – Brighton Museum Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery

CGI – Grant Cox (ArtasMedia)

Programs used – 3DS Max/Vray/Photoshop

Hove Barrow is a Bronze Age funerary structure that was found during construction work in the late 19th Century. Digging at a depth of 9 feet below the surface, the workmen found a wooden coffin. This had been hollowed out from the trunk of a tree and fashioned with an axe and its length was between 6 & 7 feet long. Inside it contained fragments of decayed bones and four incredible objects. These were: a cup of red amber, a polished axe-head, an amulet or “whetstone” and a bronze dagger.

Consequently, the Amber cup now features as a prized possession of the Brighton Museum collection and can be seen in the new archaeology gallery.

Unfortunately, the Barrow did not have systematic recording completed during its discovery. However, its uncovering did at least provide archaeologists with high quality grave goods.

Unusually it is a large Barrow on the coastal plain, possibly placed due to its location in a liminal zone of land and water.