Çatalhöyük: The Shrine of the Hunters

Client – University of Southampton/Çatalhöyük research project

CGI model – Grant Cox

Programs used – 3DS Max/Mental Ray/After Effects

The Turkish Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük was discovered during a survey in November 1958 by James Mellaart where he uncovered incredible buildings, artwork and material remains of a culture dating back to 7500BC. The original excavations were cut short, but in 1993 the project was continued by Professor Ian Hodder to discover more about some of the earliest examples of urban civilisation.

In 2010, the ‘Shrine of the Hunters’ model was created as part of an MSc dissertation study on the Archaeological Computing (Virtual Pasts) programme at the University of Southampton. Created in 3DS Max and rendered in Mental Ray, an animation was then created in 2012 to conclude the project.

For information about the breakdown to this project go to our Catalhoyuk project breakdown page.