Southampton 1454

Client – Gods House Tower

CGI – Grant Cox (ArtasMedia)

Software – 3DS Max/Vray/RailClone/ForestPack/Photoshop

“Southampton 1454” is a reconstructed CGI model, created for the opening of Gods House Tower Arts Space. Based on the Terrier Manuscript, it is a hypothesized look at how the space might have appeared during the years following the defensive reinforcements of the city in the 15th Century.

A key location in defense of the southern coast, Southampton was an important multicultural port and shipbuilding hub. This can be highlighted by the first purpose-built artillery fortification in England.

The CGI model was made in 3DS Max and uses Itoo’s Railclone plugin heavily. Consequently, to deal with the varying architecture, procedural CGI ‘pieces’ were constructed. These were then assembled together to represent the affluent stone based construction that was prevalent at the time across the city.

The final delivery of this model is a high resolution panorama, that is now installed into the Arts Space roof as a “CGI Telescope”. It provides an interactive experience where visitors can overlay the Medieval reconstruction onto the contemporary skyline. For more information please visit Gods House Tower, or go to their website.