The Coronation Web Tour


Client – Historic England

CGI/Content – Grant Cox (ArtasMedia/CloudTour)

Web Design – Stuart Graham (CyanSub/CloudTour)

The Coronation Web Tour is the first in a series of Historic England funded underwater diver trails that allow the wider public to explore the background and context of maritime sites through digital media. The Coronation was a 90-gun 2nd Rate Ship of the Line, launched in 1685 by Master Shipwright Isaac Betts at Portsmouth. The Coronation served under Admiral Russell and was captained by Capt Charles Skelton. The vessel took part in the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690 and was lost a year later (3 September 1691) in a gale off Penlee Point, near Plymouth, Devon. The exact reasons for her loss are unclear. Sheltering in a gale off Plymouth in September 1691, Coronation’s anchor cables parted (assumption). she was dismasted, capsized and driven aground to the west of Penlee Point (Lady Cove). All her crew less an estimated 17 – 23 personnel were lost. The Coronation sites have several cannon (86) and anchors (7) as well as further artefacts, including the potential for small and delicate items of importance still to be revealed.

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