Imaging Portus Lecture at the BSR

In November 2015 Professor Simon Keay presented some of the recent reconstructions and research from the Port of Imperial Rome. The CGI side of the project has been in progress since 2011 and is the output of years of excavation, interpretation and research by a whole range of specialists and team members at the site. The model, created by Grant Cox of ArtasMedia is an ongoing collaborative research resource that will not only continue to be developed, but also used to explore ideas and stimulate research questions.

A recording of the lecture below that gives you a small taster of some of the work that has been undertaken.

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  1. […] The building appears in plans of Portus as early as 1827 (Luigi Canina) and follows a similar format in both the drawings of Gismondi (1933) and Testaguzza (1965), as a U-shaped structure that opened on to the Canale di Imbocco al Porto di Traiano as well as the hexagonal harbour. The most recent detailed plans of the building (Parco Archeologico di Ostia) were used as the basis for an initial series of 3D visualisations that investigated both the southern façade and internal movement (some of these models can be seen in the project’s photostream on Flickr). More recently, other variations of the layout and height of the building have been investigated as part of an overall reconstruction of Portus (see the work of Artasmedia). […]