Naukratis: Sunken Cities & Inside Africa

Back in May, some of our ongoing work with Naukratis was unveiled at the new British Museum Sunken Cities gallery that hosts finds from a series of ancient Egyptian commercial trades centers. Along with Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, the displays also include some insight into Naukratis, the project that we have been have been building initial models and animations for over the past year. Specifically for this exhibition, a 45 second animation was produced which was then also featured in a recent CNN documentary series, “Inside Africa”.

It is very exciting to have such an ongoing collaboration and it is hoped the developing model will both help with translating ideas to the public and aiding as a research tool for future questions raised by the team. Below are a few images taken from the opening.

The exhibition itself runs until the 27th November and if you are visiting London, please think about taking a look.There are some incredible finds including the five plus meter statue of Hapi, Egyptian god of the Nile flood, which once stood in front of the temple of Amun-Gereb in Thonis-Heracleion.


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