TAG 2016: Sightations gallery

As part of our colaboration with the University of Southampton for the TAG 2016 (Theoretical Archaeology Group) conference, we are involved with the Sightations gallery, where the scientific and artistic aspects of archaeology are showcased, celebrated, and critiqued side by side.

Sightations is an archaeology-inspired art show alongside this year’s edition of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference. In keeping with this year’s theme of ‘visualisation’, this year’s art show seeks to unpack what it means to represent archaeology visually in 2016. By juxtaposing traditional art forms (such as drawings, photography, painting, sculpture, textiles, ceramic, and more) with digital approaches to representation (digital media, CGI, film, video, gaming, virtual reality, cross- or multiplatform works), Sightations takes aim at archaeological visual conventions and strives to reveal new links between different disciplines, industries and sectors of archaeology, drawing connections between ideas with an eye towards future directions for archaeological visualizations.

The aims for the Sightations galleries are to:

  • Provoke a critical dialogue between art and science within an archaeological context.
  • Explore and challenge conventions within archaeological visualisations.
  • Provide a showcase of diverse artworks inspired/influenced by archaeology, and for archaeological projects inspired/influenced by art and the creative sectors.
  • Bring together artists, creatives and archaeologists from diverse sectors and with overlapping interests, and by doing so provide opportunities for future collaborations.
  • Showcase the latest advances in archaeological visualization techniques and ideas, while continuing to sustain more traditional approaches to archaeological visualizations and artistic expression.
  • Engage audiences in new, innovative, exciting and unexpected ways.

Sightations is curated by archaeology PhD students Joana Valdez-Tullett, Helen Chittock, Kate Rogers, and digital archaeologist Grant Cox.

Submission Deadline: Friday 30th September 2016. Applicants will be contacted by October 31st to confirm participation.

Exhibition dates: Monday 19th December – Wednesday 21st December 2016.

If you want to be involved, you can find more information here:  http://www.southampton.ac.uk/tag2016/events/art-exhibition.page

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