ArtasMedia at The Maritime Archaeology Graduate Symposium (MAGS) 2019

This Sunday, we will be presenting at 1pm at the The Maritime Archaeology Graduate Symposium (MAGS) 2019.Date: 29 – 31 March 2019 (Friday to Sunday). Building 65, Lecture Theatre B, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton, SO17 1BF. You can find our abstract below:

What are the benefits of applying the CGI pipeline to heritage?

3D techniques are often discussed throughout the archaeology maritime community, and laser scanning. Rarely are these processes debated in relation to their place in the wider CGI pipeline and the consequence is that models can often become alienated from a larger digital community. This can result in an industrial disconnect and a lack of insight into what the potential can be for heritage when these skills are combined into a singular complimentary resource, or utilized to develop the archaeological practitioner. For the past ten years I have been creating CGI archives that combine a wide range of digital data into archaeological projects and during this time have developed specialized modular and procedural workflows for the specific purpose of building content that can efficiently communicate in a variety of different ways and outputs. From this a number of different uses cases have evolved and the creative process has not only honed my own ability as an archaeologist, it has also provided a thinking platform for the team members and specialists that have been involved. This talk will explore different parts of the CGI pipeline using a series of case studies, demonstrate why they can be useful at both a primary and interpretative level and highlight some of the specialized practices that are currently being employed to create a digital canvas that can be used to question and investigate archaeological data and solve a range of diverse problems.

Taken from – The MAGS handbook 2019

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