Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery (Brighton Museum): Springfield Roman Villa

Client – Brighton Museum Elaine Evans Archaeology Gallery

CGI – Grant Cox (ArtasMedia)

Programs used – 3DS Max/Vray/Photoshop

Springfield Roman villa is considered to date from the 1st Century AD and possessed both black and white mosaics. The site was recently excavated in 2002 by Archaeology South-East when the site of the old Endeavor Garage was demolished to allow commencement of a building project consisting of several blocks of apartments. The construction schedule cleared sections at different times, allowing excavation of an area to the east known area of the villa. This allowed members of the Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society Field Unit to join the professional unit. Their combined searches uncovered a range of features including some walls, a well, pits, post-holes and a single burial.

Due to the limited foot print of these walls it was necessary to include cross references of other sites thought to be of a similar period (namely Barcombe). These were discussed with representatives from the museum & specialist David Rudling. Other finds on site, including a chalk block lined well were then pieced together to hypothesize an early working reconstruction of what Springfield could have loosely looked like. To find out more, please contact Brighton Museum, or visit the gallery.