The London Wreck

Client – Historic England/MSDS Marine/Cotswold Archaeology

CGI/Content– Grant Cox (ArtasMedia/CloudTour)

Web Design – Stuart Graham (CyanSub/CloudTour)

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The London was an English second rate ‘ship of the line’ built at Chatham in Kent in 1656. This period, between the death of Charles I (1649) and the restoration of Charles II (1660) following the English Civil War (1642-51), is known as the Interregnum.

The London served in both the Cromwellian and Restoration navies, saw action in the Anglo-Spanish war (1657) and participated in the English show of strength at the Battle of the Sound (1658). The ship also played an active role in the Restoration in 1660 as part of the fleet that brought the future King Charles II back from exile in the Netherlands.

Following a massive explosion, the London sank in the Thames estuary on 7 March 1665. The ship had been preparing for the second Anglo-Dutch war that had been declared only three days earlier. The explosion was probably caused by the ignition of the gunpowder magazine.

As part of an effort to communicate the dive site to the public, we created a reconstruction of the wreck using survey data and photographic and video evidence to develop an interpreted CGI model.