The Selby Hoard

Client – The British Museum

CGI Model – Grant Cox (Materials/Lighting/Rendering/Animation).

Software – 3DS Max/Vray/After Effects

Research – Coin scanning by James Miles (Archaeovision)Original CT data produced and processed by Richard Boardman and Mark Mavrogordato (mu-Vis CT centre)

Found in 2010, the Selby Hoard was found by a metal detector user in the Selby area of East Yorkshire. Containing 201 denarii coins in total, the latest coin of Pot II was a coin of Diva Faustina II from the end of the sole reign of Marcus Aurelius (dated to c. AD 176-180). The animation and rendered models for this project were originally created for the opening of the British Museum Citi Money Gallery in 2012, but have recently been updated with new shaders from the Vray render engine. A re-edited animation is scheduled to be produced shortly.